Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kona cottons for my stash

I've been using a lot of Kona cottons recently in my Scrap quilts and had run out of some of the colours I like to keep on hand - yellow, aqua, bright pink etc.  I discovered from reading some quilting blogs that Fabric Shack is still keeping to their $12 flat rate envelope for posting overseas even though the US Mail prices have shot up. So I decided to buy some replacement colours, 9 yards in total which they can fit into the $12 envelope. This is a really generous offer as the actual postage was almost $24 and it arrived in just a few days.
There are so many beautiful colours to choose from, no idea how many there must be in total, so it was quite a challenge to pick a few out. 

This is what I decided on:

From front to back of the chair they are:  Banana         Mango
                                                                  Green tea      Kiwi
                                                                  Robin egg     Regatta
                                                                  Thistle           Bright pink

Aren't they gorgeous?  Looking at them through their clear plastic bag made my mouth water!

I will be using the Regatta in the Baby boy quilt I am currently making.  Made all the blocks but they need to be sashed in some way as they are wonky different-sized blocks and I think the Regatta should do the trick.

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