Sunday, 24 June 2012

All quiet on the sewing front

There is no sewing happening here at present and I am getting withdrawal symptoms! Firstly because we had our two year granddaughter here whilst her Mum and Dad packed up their home ready to move up to where we live. They all moved in here last Friday as the house they are going to rent is not available for another three weeks. We are surrounded by boxes and suitcases and toys. And of course a little dynamo who moves at the speed of light! I have two projects I should be doing and want to be starting but there has been no suitable time as yet. I am hoping to sneak in a couple of hours today. But then Wimbledon begins today and I LOVE WIMBLEDON! Again, not sure how much I'll see when Little Beauty is demanding Granny's attention. How can I refuse? Hoping to post a bit of sewing news soon.

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